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Education or Indoctrination

Homosexual advocacy groups appear to be taking a slightly new tact toward the legitimatization of the gay lifestyle – education. Earlier this month news sources began reporting the incident of a teacher in Lexington, MA reading a fairy tale about gay marriage to a class of seven year olds. Parents were not informed of the lesson despite a 1996 law that required schools to notify parents of any sexual education.

Now in California the state senate has passed a bill that would require public schools to include ‘gay history’ in their textbooks. In addition the measure requires social studies books to ‘study the role and contributions of…people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.’ Conservative opponents claim that the bill will allow the California Department of Education to sue if a school does not portray homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality in a positive manner. These critics also argue that this type of thing is less education than ‘indoctrination’ and are urging Gov. Schwarzenegger to veto the legislation.

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muddled language by starm_

Parents were not informed of the lesson despite a 1996 law that required schools to notify parents of any sexual education.

What are you insinuating, that teachers should avoid mentioning marriage without asking parents or that a gay marriage is more \‘sexual\’ than a strait marriage?

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Home Schooling by Anonymous

maybe it’s time for home schooling to really take off.

1) The ignorant social stigma around homosexuality continues to perpetuate the myth that this behavior (non-heterosexual) is a choice (hence the use of the word "lifestyle"). We are all sexual animals (hetero-, homo-, bi-, or a-), nature endlessly plays with our programming, why do we continue to harbor this chronic xenophobia towards homosexuals is baffling. Homosexuals have always been with us. For those who continue to beat the "it ain’t natural" drum, they need to get it through their skulls that "yeah, it is natural", just not reproductive, nor is it as popular as heterosexual behavior.

2) ‘Indoctrination’, hell, homosexuals are out there. They are in every population all over the world. You may be sitting next to one right now. Non-heterosexual behavior is out there, get used to it. Um, really, why do you care that that gay couple on your block sleeps together?

3) Ignorant, xenophobic, self-delusional parents can send their kids to nice safe ‘heterosexual’ (but occasionally pedophilic) private schools if they want to "protect" their kids and manufacture new generations of people with the same unjustified, ignorant views. All I hope is that this type of moronic behavior acquires the same stigma that is accorded to non-heterosexuals today.

4) The fact is that at any given time in history there were pervading views about the world around us that were utterly baseless, and very often destructive. Just because a lot of people, even the majority, even a near total majority, "feel" that something is "right" (like) or "wrong" (dislike) doesn’t really give such a view point credibility or worth if it is in fact wrong.

Black people are intrinsically inferior to non-black people: wrong
Jews are evil: wrong
The world is flat: wrong
The Earth is at the center of the universe: wrong

and so on…

There have been several good discussions of whether or not it is OK to be gay or not, etc..
But the issue with the California law ‘requiring gay history in their textbooks’ is the problem.
As a parent, I want my kids to learn History. I do not care if it is white, black, brown, gay, left-handed, or right-handed. It is critical that we learn all the important lessons on the success and failures of our soceity, period. Seperating American History into Black History, Gay History, Womens’ History is fundamentally wrong and anti- American, and basically driven by various groups’ political objectives. We, as Americans are everything, good and bad. We need to learn the eternal truths and lessons that come from our past. It is not all positive, and that is why we all must learn from it, as one group-Americans.

The purpose of the subject of History in Educational programs is to make our children smarter. It is an effective method of experiential learning – that man-kind has always used to teach our youth important lessons. Teaching our youth important lessons about life (History) and the world we live in- before they become our leaders and possibly repeat a tragic mistakes from the past-.

The ‘gay’ issue has always been around, and always will be. And in our educational system, (of which I am a product) we teach lessons about history. Up until about high school, the focus is really on the basics information about our nation, society, and the world. As you progress beyond that you get into much more focused detail. The American Civil War is allotted about 2-3 weeks in a high school American History curricilum. In college, I took 4 seperate semester long classes on the subject. That is where the real details were revealed about the people, their dirty habits, and tastes.

The California bill is serving someone’s agenda to push the idea of "gay is OK" into the mainstream. And they are,in my opinion, potentially taking away from the valuable opportunity (school days) to teach our youth more important lessons about how to be successful in life. -not that "gay is OK"

By the way- I do not care if someone is gay or not, as an American Patriot, I care if our educational system is producing the best and brightest Americans it can. --Because we are in a struggle here-with external movements that will take away our our freedoms and way of life. Whether someone is gay or not is a distractor, and wastes time.

And if anyone argues with me, I will call you names!!!!

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