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Don't Shout at Your Disks

Brendan Gregg from Sun’s Fishworks team makes an interesting observation about inducing disk latency when he tries yelling at active disks. His real-time monitoring software shows the performance hit the disks take each time he yells.

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Makes sense to me. by Occams

I have been doing a lot of shouting at mine lately.

I have four PCs running a mix of XP, Vista and the Win 7 beta. All of them are crippled by the dreaded “print spooler stopped” problem and I can’t print from any of them. Thousands of other victims are complaining about the same problem in forums all over the web.

None of the proposed fixes work – even reformatting C and clean reinstalling the operating system. I have wasted dozens of hours researching fixes to no avail. Like Jaws, it keeps coming back as soon as I try to install my very ordinary Canon printer.

How could Microsoft have made such a ginormous f—- up?

I know this is not that kind of forum, but it makes me want to scream!

I’m not sure why, but this reminds me of that scene in the 1984 film adaptation of Dune, where Paul / Kyle MacLachlan advises a fremen warrior to first punch, then kick, then shout at a large stone in order to break it. Then he says: “Each thought has a certain sound,” and mutters a word into his sonic amplifier, shattering the stone.

On occasion I have been known to punch, kick, and shout at previous computers out of frustration—perhaps hoping to rend them in twain with the sound of my voice alone. Little did I know that their performance was actually affected by the shouting, however briefly. Oddly enough, they survived the punching and kicking as well.

The current one has served me without failure, and was too expensive to abuse.

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Machine vibrations by gnifyus

I wonder how much the vibrations from machining affect PC based CNC machining tools?

There’s usually not a tremendous amount of data flow once the system is up and running, but the vibrations are much greater than any voice could create when cutting hardened steel.

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