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Don't CC Yourself in Mac Mail With Alias Addresses

Mac Mail is great, but as with all things Mac, the simple user interface can sometimes feel a little prohibitive. I recently got stumped with an issue that was driving me crazy. Every time I hit “reply all” to a message, my name was ending up in the Cc: line despite my preferences explicitly telling Mail not to do that.


Clearly I was not asking to Cc myself. The answer, I would find, was elsewhere.

After thinking for a moment, it hit me. My account responds to two email addresses, i.e., “markmcb” was the alias for the actual account “mark”. Realizing that this wasn’t a normal situation, it made sense that it wouldn’t be a normal option. So I went to the plist editor for help.

I opened ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist and found the below entry. Note that only one address is listed.


com.apple.mail.plist opened in the property list editor.

All I had to do to make Mail function as I wanted it to was to add another sibling entry to the existing address listing, thus including the alias account. I hit save, restarted Mail, and bingo, no more Cc’ing myself. Simple, but not necessarily obvious. I hope that helps someone out there scouring the net in frustration as I was.

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Leopard Mail by VnutZ

Is this a feature only available in Leopard Mail? I don’t get those options on my Apple Mail client in Tiger. I know there are a lot of other Google-centric options available for the iPhone only in Leopard like Google contact syncing, etc. So maybe this is another?

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Awesome by Anonymous

Score! This has been driving me nuts for the last year. Thanks for the fix McB -G

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thanks by Anonymous

Bingo, thanks dude. If its not clear i.e the alias thing, he means if your username is jdoe but your email address has an alias such as john.doe@somewhere.com add this as the sibling underneath the existing entry. It isnt in the screen shot.

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Outstanding!!!! by binkbok

You rock! I must have done 100 searches and I found this when I was looking for something else!

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Another way? by Anonymous

I open my preferences in Mail.

Went to the account tab.
Chose the account that was having the issue.
Under account information look at Email Address:
You can add this info in here also. Comma delimited if more then one is needed in this field.

Mail app version 4.4 (1082)
OSX version 10.6.5

Hope this helps

…is just as easy but a little different. The change is effectively the same but the plist file is in a different location.

It should be in:


The key location should be the same, although in Lion Xcode the dictionary items are named “Item 0”, “Item 1”, etc., instead of 0, 1, 2, etc..

Note that if you upgraded from a previous version of OSX, you’ll still have the old plist file and it will still have a MailAccounts setting, but making changes there won’t do anything.

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