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Does Internet Privacy Matter


What does Internet privacy mean to you? The concept is understood by most to simply be related to their visibility of their Facebook account to unwanted viewers. While the Facebook effect is an important part of the matter, Internet privacy extends to so many different levels.

  • Privacy of e-mail
  • Privacy of search queries
  • Privacy of browsing
  • Privacy of opinion posting

Again, to many it’s just a matter of keeping their activity private from prying eyes. To others, it can be a matter of reporting against oppressive governments or organizing an uprising hidden from reprisal. At the same time, should the same privacy that protects Chinese dissidents or anti-Iranian regime protesters protect people like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and others?

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Evil genius? by Occams

Someone should tell Julian Lessange that he is not a Bond-type evil genius: or else get him a cat to stroke.

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