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Distracted Driving


Despite each driver individually thinking they personally have it under control, distracted driving continues to be a problem. Studies have shown the awareness impact of cell phone use while driving can be as significant (and sometimes more so) than driving drunk. The NTSB has harped about the problem for years with their message culminating in a request to ban all electronic devices from cars. While the probable course of action has not gone down that route, the government is proposing the free market correct itself with voluntary measures to disable devices or advanced features within range of the driver.

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I note that for many decades now, government agencies have been the main user of land mobile radio: two way radios in cars, as used by police, emergency services etc.
We never hear about this affecting their driving.

I was once booked for speeding by a lone police officer who was operating both his car and a speed radar gun at the same time. When I pointed out that this was dangerous driving he just scoffed.

Electronic devices in cars are increasing and they are becoming more difficult to use. Perhaps it is just that my eyesight is no longer up to reading a screen in the glary environment of a car, but if so, then there must be many like me.

I think the solution will come with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) devices which will be another car dashboard interactive application. Road authorities are highly aware that this has the potential to seriously distract the driver. Therefore much research is being carried out to find ways of making all electronic display devices in vehicles conform to a new standard designed to minimise driving distractions, and indeed enhance situational awareness.

The solutions may include voice operation, head up displays, intelligent rear view mirrors, automatic control of brakes and cruise control in dangerous situations: using roadside wireless devices, vehicle radars, and smart signs.

They should also have heavy fines for stupid women acting like trhe one in the photo. We have a right to be very angry with them.

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should ban by vukivan

They should ban cell phones use by driver during driving. including ban on handsfree cellphone!

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