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Dance Moves for Men


Men are generally known for not having great dance moves. Meanwhile, women can get away with just about anything on the dance floor as long as its remotely set to the music’s beat. A recent psychology study featured digital motion capture of various men’s dance moves which were then replayed (without the corresponding human to remove the factor of attractiveness) to various women in order to determine the most likely “male mating dance”. They found that women were more attracted to male dance moves involving simple movements of the head, neck and torso while being turned off by anything stiff, plodding or featuring arm gyrations. It seems that Will Smith’s dance lesson with Kevin James in Hitch may have been right on the money.

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Dancing is Fun by thumbs52

Why would anyone care?
Dancing is about fun. Whether you laugh at or with your dance partner, the key factors are “partner” and “laughing”. Even dancing alone is fun – but there is less laughing.
It’s an accepted fact that most men can’t dance well and wouldn’t choose to if left to their own devices. But they do dance, usually with a partner, at their partner’s desire – what could be more attractive than that to any woman?
It’s not meant to be rocket science. It’s meant to be fun.
We’re not looking to create rain here with ceremonial movements directed at the gods. We’re looking for fun.
There is that key ingredient again – fun.

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