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Corporate Responsibility to Employee vs Customer

Time has passed since the debacle between China and Google revealed itself. The issues have been played out on forums and news sites around the Internet with the look at security, cyber warfare and the intent behind “do no evil”. The most recent turn of events seems to be that Google has decided to defy China and while still remaining (in Hong Kong) has deactivated their censors altogether. Google has more or less put the onus of censoring back into the government’s hands and even has a page dedicated to showing what services are blocked; which netizens have dubbed the “Evil Meter.” So raises the corporate responsibility question – does a company have a greater responsibility to its employees or to its customer? In this sense that customer being an oppressed populace receiving unfettered views of the world. That is at odds with a pullout that denies them that privilege while putting all the jobs at stake for people involved with its presence.

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debt priorities by Occams

– does a company have a greater responsibility to its employees or to its customer?

Very good question.

In the USA if a company goes broke owing money to its customers and also pay and benefits to its employees, which class of debt has priority for the limited company funds available to the liquidator.

I am not a lawyer, but I think that secured debt to financial institutions comes first, secured debt to suppliers second, customers third, then unsecured debts in the same order, and last of all, if there is any money left, back wages, overtime, holiday pay, etc. to employees.

Ist that true?
If so, Why? Why are debts to employees not considered to be the most important of all.
Does this answer the question?

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I don't get it by Anonymous

I actually don’t really get why Google is making this thing flame up in the first place. I understand their attitude and anger from the cyber attacks, but what’s with the sudden “Human rights and censoring” issue? Aren’t they there to make money as a company and not some social political head figure? Get your priorities straight. If so, then why care about these issues if it doesn’t even affect their business. Also, they gave me the impression of trying to bluff and made indications that they were going to leave China all together. Then it turns out they still want money and decided to move to Hong Kong instead, which doesn’t really do anything. Okay, now they opened up the censoring, but the Chinese government is still filtering, so nothing happened. Literally, their action didn’t do anything, they ran in a circle. Clarifying this would help me greatly, because otherwise I just think Google was bluffing and it got called upon so now they moved to cover up that attempt and fail….Though I thought it was a bad move business wise since the number 1 search engine isn’t Google, it’s Baidu. So just by pulling out of there, they would give Baidu so much more business opportunities. And people using Google before just move to Baidu….


That doesn’t make too much sense to me. I understand all the “the right thing to do is to stop censoring in China and advocate human rights”, but that’s for social and political figures to do. Google is a business, and it should do what businesses do, that is to earn money “legally”. Furthermore, Google is not a company originated in China, so by going to China and start their business branch, they agree to follow that country’s law. If that country doesn’t allow you to search certain elements of the internet, then you filter the searches. It’s not like just because you aren’t a citizen but a company, you don’t have to follow their laws. I just don’t get why other people don’t get this part. It’s very simple: There’s a country you want to go to and start a business, you go there, agreed to follow their laws and do your business. Then in the middle of it, you decided that based on your own personal belief, you don’t have to follow the laws anymore.


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