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Cash: The Taking and The Giving

83 year old Olive Corbiere was having one of those days usually reserved for characters in a comedy skit, when a sudden gust of wind caused her shopping cart to escape across the parking lot and into the back of a departing tractor trailer truck. The cart, still containing her denim purse full of $1100 in cash, became wedged in the wheel, and the driver, completely unaware of the situation pulled out into traffic and began his way through town. Eventually, as the truck went onto a bridge, the purse was ripped open scattering cash throughout the air for the many observant motorists and pedestrians to promptly scoop up. Despite requests from the police to return the money, none was forthcoming except what little the department was able to retrieve from the scene themselves.
But Olive’s bad day turned a whole lot better as word of the incident traveled around town. Donations began coming in, and in a collection jar at a local café, one anonymous donor contributed a $1000 check to the cause, making the total contributions much more than the original loss. Olive claims she will donate any surplus to a local charity, and also keep a tighter hold on her next shopping cart.

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