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Bounty Hunting on the Playing Field


In a slight deviation from the normal topics of discussion, how about a segue into sports? It’s hard to not hear about the New Orleans Saints and the bounty hunting scandal currently rocking the NFL. If you’ve been under a rock, players were essentially offered monetary bonuses for physically taking out other players. The scandal has reached such epic proportions as to have a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing called over the matter. While the ethical and sportsmanship issues are undeniable, the revelation makes one ponder what this says about America as a whole.

  • Just as the finance industry views fines as an expense when compared to their profits for illegal activity, have sports revenues reached such proportions that advertising contracts, ticket sales, gambling, etc. far exceed the cost of getting caught doing whatever it takes to win?
  • Do you think anybody is going to care three years from now – just like nobody cares about Michael Vick’s past transgressions or any other poor off-field activities exhibited by our athletes?
  • Is it really that much of an extension to have players poisoned, drugged or even killed off-field in order to guarantee one team’s superiority over another?

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I think this story echoes the Catholic Church’s response to exposing priestly paedophiles.

Why do these sports team leaders think that their closed community has an exemption from the law concerning the obligation to repoort evidence of crimes to the police? It does not. Sports officials, like church officials, have a duty of care to the people who have to play with the offenders they are protecting.

The answer is probably the same too: because they are accomplices to these crimes and so are liable to prosecution and litigation. Let’s get on with that, and prove that there are no exemptions. Justice must be blind to fame.

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Can't Comment by GreatWhiteDork

As a Vikings fan who watched Bret Favre get repeatedly crushed in the NFC championship game, ending what was supposed to be “our year”, I am completly biased on this topic.

I’m still bitter about the ’98 season. Let me cool down, then I can answer.

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