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Bosnian Pyramids

In Visoko, Bosnia, researchers have discovered what may be Europe’s first, documented case of pyramids. Archaeologist Semir Osmanagic was curious about the perfect symmetry of a local hill after a career of studying pyramids. Excavations have uncovered tunnel entrances and stone block architecture that experts believe must be man-made. Satellite imagery confirms at least two additional, albeit smaller, pyramids in the same vicinity. If calculations hold true, the Bosnian pyramids may be larger than the Egyptian variety by nearly 30%. Until further excavations take place, many archaeologists remain skeptical, citing that 12,000 years ago, Europeans were not constructing structures such as pyramids nor have the present findings supported Osmanagic’s claims.

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that's huge by Anonymous

One of these links says that this supposed pyramid would be 722 ft. high. That’s absolutely enormous. I wonder if aliens helped build this one too?

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