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Biometrically Secure Flash Drive

Some time ago, the USB flash drive replaced the floppy disk as the media of choice for quick, portable data storage. With their massive storage capacity, they easily store and transfer most any computer data file. But what happens when you lose your flash drive? A lack of security could quickly leave all of your personal data in the hands the finder.

Luckily for those of you who tend to misplace things, Sandisk today announced a USB flash drive with fingerprint authentication. For a suggested price of $100, you can store 512 MB of your data with an added layer of biometric security.

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Great. So when someone decides to steal my drive, they’re going to have to cut of my hand too. This is the same reason I’ll never be one of those guys you seen in the movies with a briefcase tied to his wrist. Way to go Sandisk.

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If it's so cheap by Brandon

If you can put fingerprint authentication on a USB drive and sell it for $100, why haven’t they made it standard on more important things? ATMs, homes, computers, briefcases (nod to Anonymous), luggage…

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