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Autonomous Vehicle Can Park by Powersliding


Some people suck so much at parallel parking that manufacturer’s developed automated systems for parking for you. Recognizing the lack of manliness in these “features,” Stanford researchers have upgraded their autonomous car Junior to be capable of powersliding into parking spaces. Stanford is known for their successes as the first winner of the DARPA grand challenge in 2005 with Stanley and coming in second in DARPA’s urban challenge in 2007 with Junior. Until that feature is available for your next car, it’s time to man up and learn to do the maneuver yourself.

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Blind faith by Occams

I hope the autonomous parker comes with third party property insurance provided by the maker.

I just don’t believe that powerslide parallel parking could be done reliably by a computer controller. Too many unknowns: coefficient of friction for road and tyres, brakes condition, driver inputs etc.

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