Ask a Deepwater Subsea Hardware Engineer a Question

Citation: Brandon U. Hansen (Brandon), Ask a Deepwater Subsea Hardware Engineer a Question,, 24 June 2010, accessed on 24 August 2016 from
Tags: bp, horizon, deepwater, and engineering

Ok, people: I’m here. You might not know it, but I’m a subsea hardware engineer who has been working in deepwater my entire career. Sure, I don’t yet have ten years under my belt, but the near seven years I have is nearly seven years more than almost everyone else out there.

So, you know all of those burning questions you have about this whole BP Horizon thing? Go ahead and hit me up with them. I might not know the answer, but I can at least give some perspective on what it’s like to bring oil and gas from thousands of feet under ground under thousands of more feet of water.