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Antarctic Ice Unaffected by Global Warming

Rapidly melting arctic ice is often touted as the evidence of Earth’s pending ecological destruction. Global warming is responsible for the higher than normal temperatures that are driving the arctic to not only melt, but melt from underneath. While the arctic melt is frequently highlighted, the fact that Antarctica remains frozen and unchanged is often overlooked. According to Stephen Ackley, a polar scientist, "Arctic sea ice is well ahead of the models, and Antarctic sea ice is well behind what the models project." In essence, the glacier building forces of snow have continued to pound Antarctica over the past two decades, causing the continent to continue growing despite the melt on the opposite pole.

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Speaking of Antarctica by VnutZ

It looks like researchers discovered that 10,000 years ago an enormous volcano blasted ice and ash 12km into the air and superheated the bottom of the ice creating a glacial slip ’n slide.

There seems to be a little bit of contention in these findings where some scientists say the Antarctica ice is melting, but it likely has to do with the fact that Antarctica is a tremendously different place and contains a lot more ice than the Artic, holding approximately 90 percent of the world’s ice. Maybe it’s like the difference between a small pile of snow in my driveway and one of those huge ones piled up in a mall parking lot; the same conditions cause melting, but the parking lot pile looks unaffected after one warm day.

In other scary news coming from all this ice melt, it seems that there is a tremendous amount of methane trapped in the Artic ice, and as it melts, into the atmosphere it goes. We hear about methane production coming from the digestive processes of our cattle, but don’t really think about the billions of tons trapped in the permafrost of the Artic. Though methane presently contributes to the total greenhouse effect 4-9%, it has somewhere in the neighborhood of more than 20 times the greenhouse effect for the same given volume than CO2 causes.

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I still contend.... by milhous

….that if the ice-caps melt and the atmosphere heats up, there is just more water to evaporate and fall as rain. Yea, this will cause more storms, be it snow, hurricane, monsoon, et al, but won’t all of this rain lead to more vegetation which takes in CO2 and gives off O2? Whatever happened to Newton’s laws that matter can’t be created nor destroyed? Aren’t we in equilibrium? Won’t Chaos theory explain the deviation from equilibrium? What say you?

Yes, methane is trapped in the ice, but there was a time when it wasn’t. Early on in the Cenozoic, polar average temperatures were approximately 60-70F. Crocodiles and other organisms of what are today considered temperate-tropical species inhabited extreme northern ranges despite encountering the extreme night/ day variations present. During this time, atmospheric methane levels were far in excess of current ones. Global oceans were veritably stagnant, giving rise to massive populations of (and I forget precisely what) creatures that primarily consumed the decaying matter on and beneath the ocean floors. Yet, 70 million years later, here we are in our current state.
Whatever happens with global warming, in the long run, the earth will rebound. Over time, global warming will result in increased vegetation and new species of lifeforms as additional habitat emerges from the ice. The real threat from global warming is not increasing temperatures, but the extremely short timescale with which temperature can be anticipated to increase. Few organisms are so opportunistic as to adapt their behavior over the course of a few days, rather than over several generations, humans being the primary example. As the traditional food sources of humans get squeezed out due to environmental pressures (sensitive fish, plants, and other animals), ravenous masses of humans will consume anything and everything to stay alive, devastating global ecosystems.
Much as we might protest otherwise, humans are still largely primitive beings. The course of events we are on the verge of initiating (mass extinction and radical climate shift) has happened innumerable times throughout our history, whether through random natural processes or through human actions. Humans have become such a force that we can no longer consider our impacts as natural, random disasters.
Human and ecosystem destruction go hand in hand. Many times, as humans expanded their range, they wiped out animals and forests, adapting their behavior only after it became vital to survival. Contrary to any point in our history, armed with our knowledge of past events, and the repercussions of our actions, we currently have the ability to ward off repeating our ignorant mistakes. Time is growing short.
Whenver so called economic impacts are called into view, we must scoff. Terms such as money and economy are entirely fabricated. What need has a polar bear for a greenback? If humans are truly capable of altruism, we must sacrifice our pointless distractions (tvs, suvs, etc) and eliminate our wonton consumption. To tie in this tirade against money, reflect upon the inherent nature of money. If one were an alien, and somehow packing $US, would you pay more for a polar bear— the product of over 4 billion years of random processes, and can survive and self propogate in the most extreme environment known to man—, or for a television set— a plastic box that can be assembled using relatively primitve technologies, which can neither be immersed in water, nor operated in extreme cold? How much would such an alien pay for a human, of which there are now 6,000,000,000, and is virtually helpless on its own, versus a polar bear, of which there are perhaps 6,000, which needs only meat and ice? If anything has inherent value, it is that which we risk destroying through our carelessness, and the imminent release of billions of tons of methane.
Admittedly, this is a rambling rant, but where better to express a mass of concerns than such a forum, dedicated to fellow nerds?

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Yoron by Anonymous

I’m surprised at the length people will go not to admit to the consequences of global warming. The truth is simple, we’re f**ed :)

The way we’re living and our politicians inability to reverse our religious fervent belief in the almighty truth of the green cash is stupendous in it’s fallibility.

We already have Antarctica divesting itself of ice. We have a treaty for how to exploit Arctic’s mineral and oil deposits. We have ooh i don’t know how many idiots believing that this is just a new way of making money.

Listen up folk’s.

Stupidity reigns, sheltered by the cheeps inability to make a stand. Let’s say we stopped burning oil gas etc etc today. All over the world (fat chance of that:) . Even if so, the temperature would keep rising for at least fifty years before starting to decline. The problem here also being that fifty years is the most optimistic figure and the real truth might be more like 50-150? years.

Don’t want to believe it:) Be my guest. I don’t really care what you want to believe. In China there is a new coal work built every ten days. The tundra in Siberia is thawing freeing methane that will be twenty times more effective binding heat to our Earth.

The ocean waves already has accelerated its movements as it gotten warmed up past a depth of 3000 meters. At the depth of ten thousand meters there are frozen methane waiting to be released. If the warming comes to that depth we might not have any oxygen residing in the atmosphere in the end.

I thought every human could think for itself once:)

I’m revising those thoughts daily now.
Those who feel that them ‘up there’ knew better and put their trust in those peoples infallibility seem to be a larger group than i thought.

But hey :)
It’s your life right.
The only thing that’s shitting that theory is that what you decide also implies me and the mine as we have a constantly shrinking Earth and an even smaller colony of freethinking individuals on it. Lemmings move aside, the humans are here :)


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