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Amateurs Watch X-37b


Amateurs are already pretty good at finding small objects in space. They’ve gotten to the point where they’re regularly finding the government’s über secret space projects as well. Nearly everything is cataloged and tracked through public databases feeding from government data feeds and amateur sleuthing to the point that nearly anyone with the right equipment can catch glimpses of satellites and other vehicles, to include the X-37b during operational flights. For those that don’t remember, the X-37b began as a NASA project to be a lifeboat for the ISS but was later consumed by the DoD as an autonomous spacecraft.

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Out of sight. by Occams

I assume that the uber secret intelligence satellites with the huge umbrella dishes are probably over the Indian Ocean and out of sight from USA territory. That is if it is possible to see a satellite at the GSO with an amateur telescope? I don’t know. Is it?

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