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Abu Ghraib - Hero or Traitor

The Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal marred the military’s public image for operations in Iraq. After the shock of the incident wore off, proceedings began to identify who was ultimately responsible for the atrocious behavior. But the struggle did not end with the convictions and discharges of the offending soldiers or the revamped operations procedures in theater. The nightmare continues for Joe Darby, the soldier who spun the Army on its head by slipping a CDROM with digital photos under a door anonymously to CID (Criminal Investigations Division). "I had the choice between what I knew was morally right and my loyalty to other soldiers. I couldn’t have it both ways," the young military policeman said. In Defense Secretrary Rumsfeld’s testimony, he named Joe Darby as the source, a moment that changed everything for the soldier. He faces public scorn, from both fellow soldiers and members of his own family. "They look at the fact that I put an Iraqi before an American."

Is Darby a hero for following his conscience or a traitor for choosing the safety of Iraqi prisoners over the fate of his fellow soldiers?

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Hero or Traitor by EyeOfSage

The question is not weather what he did was right or not. Rather the question is……….does an American weight more than an Iraqi. Both are human obviously. Yet strange things happen during war. People are degraded and humiliated in all kinds of ways. This tragedy obviously needed to be exposed. Do we really need to degrade and torture POWs? What do we get by humiliating them and degrading them in such ways? What happen if the roles were reversed. What happens if the Iraqi officials were the ones that are torturing and humiliating the American POWs? This incident is very similar in principle with the Watergate Scandal.

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