A National Strategic Narrative

Citation: Mike Forbes (mikeforbes), A National Strategic Narrative, OmniNerd.com, 30 July 2011, accessed on 23 August 2016 from http://www.omninerd.com/articles/A_National_Strategic_Narrative
Tags: strategy, grand strategy, national strategic narrative, politics, and government

In light of the current situation in Washington, and recent discussion on this site about national policy, this paper (.pdf) published by the Wilson Center in April 2011 deserves another look.

Written under the pseudonym “Mr. Y” by two members of JCS Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen’s staff, Navy Captain Wayne Porter and Marine Colonel Mark Mykleby, “A National Strategic Narrative” attempts to describe a long-term vision and defining purpose for the United States, to update and replace the narrative of the last 60 years which was crafted in the context of the Cold War. The thesis is that our national priorities and resources should be committed in accordance with a clear vision of the direction America is headed, to ensure future prosperity and security, bounded by enduring values. Further, that the U.S. should move away from the current threat-based, reactive outlook to a more proactive stance focused on opportunities and interdependence.

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