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2010 Census Results


As various tabulations are performed, 2010 census data is slowly revealing itself. As always, most of the interest lies with congressional redistricting and immigration statistics but there were plenty of other concerns. New York City, for instance, believes the stats are wildly incorrect and indicate an undercount for they show virtually zero growth in Brooklyn and Queens. Furthermore, the data suggests a large number of vacancies which most New Yorkers would laugh at. According to Mayor Bloomberg, “Everything we know about these neighborhoods tells a different story … People who have tried to find apartments in these neighborhoods can confirm there just isn’t an abundance of vacancies.” Another discovery is that Hispanics represent the largest minority group with nearly 16% of the overall population. It goes without saying that 16% segment of the population was willing to be found and counted. The Census Bureau provides a quick, concise look at the data in a 12 page pdf showing the distribution changes since the 2000 census.

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Dumb attitude by Occams

I suspect that many Americans regard the census as the government sticking its nose in where it is not wanted, and so they refuse to fill it in or give silly answers.

Then they will complain when government policy does not reflect their needs.

It is a dumb attitude, but until it is corrected we will not get much real value from the Census.

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