We are Wallace Becker and John Scottfriends

We met in College at UC Irvine and we instinctively knew to stick together, our love of science and Marvel Comics forming an unbreakable bond between us.

You cannot say that nerds are an urban tribe, but it is a term that has been extended a lot lately. The word “nerd” comes from the English equivalent of nerd. It refers to people with little social life and who prefer to devote their time to studying or doing individual hobbies or in closed groups.

Usually, nerds are usually teenagers. Many times they are associated with the geek culture by having similar customs (hobbies to which they devote much of their time, disinterest for the fads and few endowments to meet new people). The big difference between nerds and geeks is that the first (nerds) are usually only for a few years of their life and involuntarily, while the seconds (geeks) are fully aware of their way, they like it and have no interest in stopping it.

· Origin: There have always been introverted people or who have preferred to devote their time to study and personal hobbies. These people have been called in many ways: nerds, nerds, bookworm … almost always in a derogatory way. In recent decades, the stereotype of nerd/nerd has been increasingly associated with people with high knowledge in science, technology and informatics.

· Characteristics: According to the stereotypes (which are usually more myth than reality), the nerds like to spend their time dedicating themselves to activities like science, reading, the development of ideas, the study … almost always individually or in small groups of people With Imilares tastes. Socially there is the belief that they are introverted, they find it difficult to make friends (especially the opposite sex), they usually draw excessively good notes in the studies and do not like to practise sport.

· Way of dressing: According to popular culture, the way of dressing the nerds is characterized by not following fads, having a classic and outdated appearance.

Despite the derogatory character of the word nerd, the fact of having little social life does not have to be something negative in the long run for a person’s life. In fact, the majority of adolescents nerds end up doing university careers and succeeding in the lives of adults, improving their social life and aspiring to important positions of responsibility in the companies. In addition, his penchant for science makes them an important asset to companies.

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